Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exception notifier plugin causing internal server error

I am using the exception notifier plugin to send me emails on the details of all unhandled exceptions in my web app (read about this plugin on my earlier blog posting, Exception notification plugin).  I recently put my web app on a new server, and when an unhandled exception occurred, Internal Server Error was displayed to the user, and no email was sent.  After digging in to this, I found that the exception notification code itself was generating an exception.  The offending file is views/exception_notification/_environment.rhtml.  Turns out there is a syntax error in that file when using Ruby 1.8.6 patch level 110 or higher.  The plugin was fixed in November 2007, but I had downloaded the plugin before that time.  

The fix is described at  Simply edit the plugsin/exception_notification/views/exception_notification/_environment.rhtml file, and change the third line to:
* <%= "%-*s: %s" % [max.length, key, filter_sensitive_post_data_from_env(key, @request.env[key].to_s.strip)] %>

The only difference is that the first *- is changed to -*.

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